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How to use the hose crimping machines?

In this chapter, we will learn the correct method to operate some common hose crimping machines. For more visuals to know the process, we use some videos to display.

If you are confused with how the hydraulic hose crimper works, or you are a novice to operate a crimping machine, the below content will help you a lot.

We should have a basic concept about the process of fabricating a hydraulic hose assembly. Let’s have a quick overview:

  • Choose the hose you need to crimp, use a cutting machine to get the right length, clean the inner fragment of the hose.

  • Pick the matched hydraulic fittings and ferrules, it is important.

  • Make sure the insertion depth of the fittings, mark a line around the surface of hoses, then mount the fittings to the hoses until the ferrule aligned with the mark.

  • Check the crimping range of the crimper you use, select the suitable crimper die, you could follow the reference sheet from the machine.

  • Turn on the machine, adjust the vernier dial to the size you need, hold the hose into the machine, the crimping pross only need few seconds.

  • Don't forget to measure the diameter of the hose after crimping.

Note, whenever you begin the project, you’d better ensure you have worn the protective gloves and safety goggles.

We list 3 videos of frequently-used machines, instead of text description, the video will be more efficient to show us how to use the hydraulic crimping machine.

These 3 types of crimping machines from different brands, the videos present 3 different types of operations, I believe you must benefit from at least one of them.

The first type, Hydrocrimp electric hydraulic hose crimper model, suitable for workshop, the most common use style.

The second type, manual operated hose crimper, the model in the video is finnpower P16HP.(Get the similar model in half price

The third type, parker crimper, is a popular style in the US, this video shows a whole process of crimping hoses, the operation method is suitable for same-style crimpers.

Which one is your favorite style?

If you know enough about the crimper machine, you are planning to buy a suitable hose crimper, the next chapter must be useful for your market survey.




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