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What is hydraulic hose crimping machines?

Hydraulic hose crimping machine is a kind of equipment for crimping and swaging, it is mainly used to fabricate the hydraulic hose assembly, so it is also known as 'hose crimping machine' or 'hydraulic hose crimper'.

In general, the working principle of the crimping machines is to convert the electric power, fluid power to the crimping force, (some crimpers designed with air-operated or hand operated)
the force enough to change the shape of the steel tube, can form a solid bond between the metal and workpiece.

There are various crimping machines to offer multiple services, most of them are used for repairing the hydraulic hose and industrial hoses, some workshops use a crimper to swage metal pipe. You may don't know, some crimping machines can support to press the air suspension and wire rope.

In daily life, you will see the crimper machines in a hydraulic hose assembly workshop or in a hydraulic repair mobile service van, even at a construction site.

The service location and crimping workpiece lead to the crimper also have categories, such as manual hose crimping machine, portable crimping machine, series production hose crimping machine.

Below are some styles we often see

parker-hose-crimper.jpg  parker-hydraulic-hose-crimper.jpg  uniflex-hose-crimping-machine.jpg

finnpower-p140-crimping-machine.jpg  mobile-hydraulic-hose-crimper.jpg  op-hydraulic-hose-crimper.jpg

You may be dazzled by these picturers of crimpers, don't worry, even the appearance and design of the crimping machines from different brands are not the same, but the function and working principle are similar.

The following we will teach you how to use them.




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