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How to choose crimping machine

How to make good quality hose assemblies has become a sensitive topic in the industry.

And excessive demand for hose crimping machine helps accelerate its development, so it is important for customers to choose a good manufacturer. Among so many manufacturers, which one can produce better-quality equipment? This is a question mark out of many customers who are ready to join the industry of hose crimping.

Hose crimping manufacturing machinery refers to hose crimping machine, or hose swaging machine, which is to crimp metal fittings onto the corresponding hoses, like high pressure oil hose, car brake hose, engine oil tube, air conditioning hose, power hose.

From application, hose crimping machines can be categorized as hydraulic high pressure hose crimping machine, brake hose crimping machine, air conditioning hose crimping machine, power hose crimping machine etc. From control method, there are three types: manual hose crimping machine, semi-automatic hose crimping machine, automatic hose crimping machine.

For the commonly-used product model, its price varies from over $6,000 to over $15,000, due to different sizes and models. And in most cases hose crimping machines are completed with standard dies for most of the manufacturers.




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