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How to operate and maintain crimping machine

Hydraulic presses are pressure processing equipment using hydraulic transmission technology, which can be used to complete various forging and pressurized forming processes. For example, the forging of steel, metal structural parts of the molding, plastic products,and rubber products, such as pressing. A Hydraulic press is one of the earliest applications of hydraulic transmission machinery, and now hydraulic transmission has become the main form of transmission of pressure processing machinery. In heavy machinery manufacturing, aviation industry, plastic,and non-ferrous metal processing industry, hydraulic presses have become important equipment.

Crimping operation

1)When the pipe press is used for the first time, it should be no-load buckling 20~30 times, and it should be used only after observing that all parts are normal.

2) When the pipe press is used in winter, it should be no-load buckling 20~30 times to make the oil temperature higher.

3)Press the open button, after the die holder is opened, choose the corresponding die to be installed on the die holder according to the specification of the buckled hose, and adjust the micrometer scale.

4)Place the hose with a set of joints in the appropriate position in the head of the press, so that the entire length is buckled at once.

5)Press the buckling button to perform the buckling operation until the head stops buckling and opens the mold automatically.

6) Take out the buckled hose assembly, use vernier calipers to check the outer diameter of the buckled joint jacket size, if it does not match with the parameter table, fine adjust the micrometer scale until the next hose buckling meets the requirements.

Precautions when crimping

1) When buckling, place the joint in the center of the mold as much as possible and do not press on the hexagonal nut.

2) Prevent tools and other foreign objects from entering the head of the pipe press.

3) Each time after work, you must make the eight die holders open to the maximum extent, so that the spring can be in the open state to maintain the spring, the cylinder is also in the state of pressure relief to extend the life of the oil seal.

Maintenance of pipe pressing machine

1)The hydraulic oil in the oil tank should be replaced when the hydraulic oil manufacturer’s specified aging, or visually inspect the oil level table, if the hydraulic oil has oxidized black, it must be replaced.

2) Inject anti-wear lubricating oil into the moving surface of mold seat frequently.

3) Non-pipe press working time, please cover the dust cover to prevent debris fall into the mold seat.




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