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Installation and commissioning

Machine moving: it will be appropriate to move a hose crimping machine by a forklift, so the bottom of hose crimping machine takes the load, and it is forbidden to place a hose crimping machine upside down.

Installation: anchored to a solid foundation, and electrically grounded.

Oil filling: fill oil tank with standard hydraulic oil around 3/4 of the total capacity.

Power connection: connect power cord to the specified power supply, pun on the power to check if the motor rotate as the arrow indicates. If no, swap the two power cords.

Micrometer: to adjust the amount of contraction when crimping, to turn one cycle counterclockwise means to crimp deeper by 1mm, while to turn one cycle clockwise means to crimp less by 1mm.

Pressure adjustment: the max system pressure is 31.5Mpa, and can be adjusted by overflow valve (increase pressure by turning clockwise, and decrease pressure by turning counterclockwise). Normally system pressure is adjusted correctly before leaving factory, so no need for user to do any adjustment.




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