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Steel Pipes Solutions

In 2017 a client from American reached out to us on the website. They were producing steel pipes for greenhouse in American and they need a special crimping machine with an outer diameter from 28-80mm. The crimping machines have to be able to crimp steel pipe which is 100-160mm length.

The client had purchased similar machines before, which, because of structural defects, ended up leaking oil and hindered the production process. Therefore, they were very concerned about the oil leaking possibility of the equipment.

First, we sent the client pictures and videos of our equipment and dies, so that they could see the crimpers in action. We emphasized the material of our module crimp heads and the connection of the dies. This was to prove the quality of our equipment and eliminate oil leakage concerns.

We also recommended a new model of crimping machine with a digitally controlled operation mode, because the upgradation of equipment can not only greatly improve productivity, but also ensure the crimping accuracy of the steel pipes.

After implementing the customized digital controlled steel pipes crimping machine, the time for changing dies was shortened and the digital controlled system was simple and convenient. The crimping accuracy was greatly enhanced and the daily production increased by 50%.

According to feedback, the forged integrative module crimp head and multi-oil sealing worked as needed and prevented oil leakage. The equipment proved to be reliable and the customer was very pleased.


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