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Australia Partner

In 2014 a client from Australia reached out to us through the exhibitions. They were a distributor specialized in hydraulic hose crimping machines and related accessories, and thus very critical about product quality and professionalism of the manufacturer and customer service.

By providing pictures and videos of our products and workshops and cases of previous clients, we successfully convinced the distributor of our professionalism and the quality of our products. They decided to order 5 sample machines for testing. After site testing and online service, they were very pleased with our products. A month after receiving the sample machines, they ordered a container of over 10 types of our products, e.g. hydraulic hose crimping machines, cutting machines, skiving machines etc.

During our cooperation of nearly 5 years, the Australia distributor has ordered products worth over 5 million dollars from our company. Currently, they are undertaking our business communication, negotiation, user training and customer service in Australia. For max Machinery, they have changed from a client to a distributor with a strategically cooperative relationship.




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