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Industrial Hose Solutions

In 2010 a client from Russia contacted us through website. They are a regional company specialized in the processing and distributing of industrial hoses and related equipment. To lower production costs, they wanted to purchase a industrial hose crimping machine.

As that was the first time they worked on hose crimping, they were concerned about the precision, neatness and actual application of the crimping machine.

After over 10 phone calls and video meetings, we final settled down on a solution of a customized Digital industrial hose crimping machine and dies. The digital crimping machine can limit the crimping error within 0.01mm, ensuring precision and allowing for the adjustment of crimping pressure. The customized dies can meet the requirements for neatness and practicability.

The customized industrial hose crimping machine proved to be a great success for the customer. With the latest digital operation system and high precision electrical ruler, the crimping machine can directly control crimping pressure and precision. The finished products were neat and durable. Their production costs were greatly lowered and the client gave great credit to our industrial hose crimping machine.




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